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19 Jul

Unassailable Wisdom from a Combat Master by Jonathan Deal

Jonathan Deal interprets and contextualises the teachings of Colonel Jeff Cooper on self-defence from the viewpoint of the man in the street.

19 Jul

Hunting: from Anticipation to Rumination by Thinus Steyn

For most of us, the joys of hunting start long before the actual event. The more organised experience it as a gradual build-up to the actual departure to their hunting destination. The late sleepers often experience it as a sudden rush of activity, hectically looking for a knife or pair of boots minutes before departure.

The VOERE X3 .338 Lapua Magnum by Meinardt Tydeman

VOERE Präzisionstechnik, GmbH, is a gunmaking company headquartered in the Austrian town of Kufstein that’s been active in the field of hunting and sporting rifles and shotguns for over sixty years. The X3 modular system, now implemented on the LBW-M2 and LBW-M3 production models, turns Voere’s signature tactical rifle into a true modular platform capable of satisfying the needs of all military and law enforcement professionals. ALL4SHOOTERS.COM

CZ P09 DUTY by Chris Blatherwick

We received the CZ P09 Duty chambered in 9x19 mm for testing and review. CZ has one of the biggest handgun footprints in the South African firearms market, and the impending success of the Duty series of pistols will increase that exponentially. The P09 Duty is the full size/bigger brother of the P07 Duty, which has made tremendous strides in the market as an EDC/ self-defence firearm. CZ has always been on the cutting edge of firearm development, striving to improve the quality and range of its products through continuous development. CZ pistols are renowned for their accuracy, and the P09 Duty does not disappoint.


Demand Respect

We received a beautiful Italian made FABARM Martial Ultrashort 14" SBS (short barrelled shotgun) for testing and review. The Ultrashort shotgun was developed by FABARM, one of the world leaders in shotgun design and manufacturing. They have developed a compact pump action shotgun that can be classified as a dual purpose shotgun. The compact shotgun or SBS design was designed with the military/law enforcement as well as the civilian market in mind as the ultimate self/home defence and or operational shotgun. The Ultrashort was first seen at the 2013 IWA (European version of the US Shot Show) Outdoor Classic and is now available to the South African market.