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AK 47 GALIL & RSA LM 4 by Henk Mulder

If I had a beer for each time I heard the story about the legendary AK-47 and that it is better than any other rifle, and that nothing has ever come close to it, I could have opened a liquor store. Mentioning it to people that the South African LM rifles is basically the same firearm would only get you an incredulous stare, mostly followed by the AK-47 is from Russia and a LM is what the South African Army use. Those that are a bit better informed will mention something about a Galil. So this article is the once and for all article (with pictures) to settle this barbecue dispute.

Gun review: 3 x S.A.M 1911s

I received three firearms from the stable of Shooters Arms Manufacturing S.A.M. Incorporated for testing. While the pistols are all chambered in .45 ACP in the Colt 1911 configuration, that is where the similarities end and the shooting begins.

Review: WARRIOR - Pistol to Carbine Conversion by Henk Mulder

I received the carbine conversion from Nobleteq for review on a bright but cold July morning. With it being a Saturday I was on my way to the range anyway, so I grabbed my Glock 17 the P2CC conversion kit that was already fitted with an optical sight, and off I went.

Review: NITESITE Wolf Edition by Chris Blatherwick

We received the NiteSite Wolf Power Plus image enhancer package for review and testing from Suburban Guns. It is a product that I have been following with great anticipation. The NiteSite series of night optics has received rave reviews as a viable solution for engaging targets at low and no light conditions for the civilian market. The optics package is not a standalone system, but piggybacks off any normal rifle scope that is used for daylight applications such as vermin hunting and culling.

Glock 43 – 9mm

The Glock 43 has been in and out of the rumour mill for the past several years. Perhaps you have read one of the following statements from Glock: “No carbine, no single stack 9mm and no 1911!”. Well the single stack subcompact 9mm Glock 43 is here adding its number to the Glock family. Making the question for any potential Glock owner even more difficult. Which Glock do I buy?

Do I buy a Glock 17, 19, 21, 26, 42, 43, 34,35,etc, etc. by Chris Blatherwick