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11 May

Rolling thunder in the mountain by Jonathan Deal

Jonathan Deal spends a day among the Cape's finest - and youngest - veldt shooters.

The stage was  set for a solid  day’s excitement  for shooters and  supporters alike. The 10th Annual  Witzenberg Veldskiet  Kompetisie on Lakensvlei  farm about 25 km outside  Ceres in the Western Cape was  presented by the SA Hunting  Rifle Shooting Association and sponsored by the Safari Outdoor Group.

11 May

Leopard Hunting gets banned

National Shooting Association's Herman Els weighs in on the interim ban against leopard hunting

Strike like an Eagle by Chris Blatherwick

The impressive 1-6x24 Vortex Strike Eagle featured on our Tactical Gear page  has been developed specifically for the sport shooting market, with a clear  focus on the .223 Remington platform. It’s a great find for the sport shooter  because it enhances his ability to rapidly engage targets at variable distances.

The Reaper get a grip on Recoil by Chris Blatherwick

Chris Blatherwick enjoys a combination suppressor and compensator in the form of the light, affordable and effective Recoil Reaper

The Recoil Reaper is not your typical run-of-the-mill silencer. Instead it  represents a quantum leap  in design, incorporating a traditional  silencer and muzzle break into a single  compact unit.

11 May

In search of the perfect bloodline by Mike Gcabo

A group of breeders contributes to conservation of Africa's best.

Bloodline Africa is an outfit  of rare game breeders  with some 150 years of  game ranching experience.  Common to all of its members is a  relentless pursuit to breed the best  bloodlines, true to our name.