Sport Shooter Focus:  Ian van der Bank


Nickname: Ninja

Age: 25

Years shooting competitively: 10 years (from 2006 socially, but competitively since 2010)

Shooting clubs affiliations currently: Touw Defensive Pistol Club Shooting

Sports participated in: International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) 

Overall career achievements:

Tier 4 Matches
Division Champion (3/5)
Most Accurate (1/5)
Gold Medallist (4/5)
Firearm Industry Champion (1/1)

Tier 2 Matches
Division Champion (8/14)
Most Accurate (4/14)
Gold Medallist (13/14)
Silver Medallist (1/14)
Junior Champion (3/7)

Tier 3 Matches
Division Champion (2/5)
Gold Medallist (2/5)
Silver Medallist (3/5)

1 time International Champion
3 time 1st Place
3 time 2nd Place

9 time Division Champion
1 time Most Accurate
1 time Firearm Industry Champion
22 times first place
3 times second place

Q: How did you get involved in sport shooting?
A: My father started a shooting club in the early 2000s, when there was a huge increase in farm attacks and farm-related murders. He wanted a place to inform farmers of proper firearm handling, and a place to practice your shooting. Obviously he involved me and my brother at an early age, as we consider shooting a valuable skill.
Q: What kind of sport shooting to you
participate in?
A: I compete mostly in IDPA matches. I am, however, a registered and somewhat active IPSC shooter as well. I also compete in Steel Challenge matches when hosted nearby. and will join the guys at ICORE soon as well.
Q: What division do you currently compete with and why?
A: Stock Service Pistol in IDPA. Until recently the only IDPA legal handguns I owned were a Stock Glock 34 and a Revolver. The G34 is pretty much tailor-made for SSP; shooting Revolver Division is too boring. Not enough competition. Open Division in IPSC. My G34 is not production legal, as you might know, and the odds of shooting it in Standard is about the same as in Open, so I would rather go and keep the guys honest in Open Division (minor).
Q: What firearm do you currently compete with and why?
A: Glock 34, as mentioned before. This is pretty much the only weapon that is IDPA and IPSC legal, and is relatively reliable. I, however, mainly prefer the 1911 single-stack platform, and will be switching to a 9mmP 1911 soon
Q: What firearm modifications are allowed in IDPA?
A: IDPA is pretty much basic as to what you are allowed to modify. Depends on which Division you are competing in. In SSP, you are limited to mainly sights, grips, and factory-standard parts. Any external modifications of any sort are not permitted.
Internal: Obviously springs, but no aftermarket triggers, etc. On some of the other divisions you can add magazine well openings, extended levers and aftermarket triggers.
Q: What firearm modifications do you recommend?
A: In my opinion there are only three main things to customise in terms of each shooter’s preference: Sights to a configuration that you are comfortable, grips that suit your shooting style and hand and, finally, a trigger that you can activate consistently.
Not necessarily lighter trigger, but more responsive.
Q: Are you currently sponsored, if so by whom?
A: Not sponsored.
Q: What training regime do you follow?

A: Main practice consists of lots of tailor-made dryfire drills.  Live fire: I focus on deliberate focused training, where quality is more important than quantity. I focus on maximum effort for minimum ammunition expended. Mining as much data as I can possibly get.

Q: What is your thoughts with regards to dry fire as part of your training regime?
A: Very important, especially when you want to make small changes to a grip or draw, or just positioning your equipment in the right place. Dry fire helps with all of that.
Q: What advice do you have for someone that wants to start IDPA
A: Most importantly, focus on safe firearm handling. Invest in proper training with a reputable training provider. The main issue I see on the range is experienced shooters with bad habits. Learning a new habit is easier than trying to alter an existing habit. Fundamentals are key.
Q: What advice do you have for your fellow IDPA shooters that want to better themselves in their elected divisions?
A: Get a shooting partner. Focus on your skill, capacity, ability, knowledge and mindset. Forget about equipment. Lately everyone is buying the latest and greatest weapons and holsters, etc. However,
many have not even gotten to grips with the fundamentals yet.
Q: What match in your illustrious sporting career stands out for you and why?
A: There are a few highlights. The biggest would probably be the recent 2016 IDPA Africa Championships, the biggest to date, with the most competitors ever in the Master class.
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