PERPC Bergman Multi Gun Shoot

by Adrian Luppnow

The Bergman Multi Gun Shoot was created originally by PERPC to honour former member Ian Bergman. Ian was one of the club’s older members, and a keen hunter, IPSC, shotgun and ICU shooter.

The original format included all these shooting disciplines, with two IPSC handgun type stages, two IPSC shotgun type stages, and a 50 m hunting rifle stage, comprising an A3-sized target with scoring rings. Finally, there was an ICU stage, comprising an A4-sized target with scoring rings. The Bergman Multi-Gun shoots have always been well-attended, as the majority of PERPC members have hunting rifles. The PERPC committee decided three years ago to transform the Bergman Multi-Gun Shoot to the Bergman 3 Gun Shoot, as the older club members started shooting less, and the number of shooters declined. Newer members were more inclined towards the IPSC 3 Gun shooting format.


The shoot has since become more of a hybrid between 3 Gun Nation and IPSC. All three firearms are still used, namely a pistol, shotgun, and rifle. However, the shoot now incorporates two multi-gun stages, where all three firearms are used on a single stage. The shoot also has one stage of pistol only, one stage of shotgun only, and one stage of rifle only.

This year the rifle stage was not a typical IPSC-type stage, but a grouping competition that had the shooters standing and firing at a 30 m target from the shoulder. The new style of the Bergman shoot has resulted in renewed interest and growth in shooter numbers. The shoot consisted of five stages, with a required total of 160 rounds (60 pistol, 60 rifle and 40 shotgun). At one point, it looked like it was going to be cancelled due to rain. However, the weather forecast predicted that the rain would subside in the late morning.


The build team pressed on, setting up five stages for the day. The rain eventually stopped around noon, and the afternoon turned out to be dry and warm. Competitor numbers were down compared to 2015, with only 14 shooters participating. I am sure the weather had a hand in this.


Guests are welcome to watch these events. Eye and ear protection is mandatory for all spectators.
Further information and directions to the PERPC shooting range can be obtained from



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