Sport Shooter Profile: Fabian Scott

Sport Shooter Profile:  

Fabian Scott

Q. Do you have any sponsors for the IPSC World Shoot?

A. I have the backing of four major players within the South African firearms industry. CR Speed was my first official sponsor and provided me with a complete rig. Spartan Arms International is relatively new to the South African firearms market but has any and everything that a shooter may desire, but on the offhand that they do not stock the item they are more than willing to source it for you. Frontier Bullets is the largest local manufacturer and exporter of high quality handgun and rifle bullet heads, and are always ready to support me for all my matches. I am extremely lucky to be sponsored by Ihawu Firearms Centre that provide me a home away from home that allows me some much-needed range time

Q. In what Division are you competing in at the IPSC World Shoot?

A. I have always competed in the Standard Division and am looking forward to putting my STI through its paces later this year.

Q. How do you qualify to receive an invitation to attend the 18th annual IPSC World Shoot?

A. Each country has their own selection criteria governed by their sporting constitution. In South Africa we are notified of the selection matches for international matches where Protea selection is applicable. We shoot at least 3 IPSC Level three matches during the selection period to qualify, and then scores are added up best 2 of the 3 matches to determine the selection. We have a selection committee that reviews the scores and makes sure that other minimum criteria is met.

Q. What training regimen do you follow (physical and mental) in preparation to compete with the best IPSC shooters in the world?

A. I have been very fortunate to have competed around the globe, this international exposure taught me an invaluable lesson with regards to match temperament, I cannot emphasize how important it is not to get “consumed” be the hype of the match. Don’t let other people or fellow shooters get into your head, perform at your best as that is the only thing that you can control. Do not ever underestimate the advantage of dry firing and the practicing of your fundamentals. Sending lead downrange is great but all your practise sessions needs to be constructive where you consciously focus on different aspects of your shooting. What it boils down to is confidence, confidence in your own ability and shoot within your limits.

Q. Is there a specific international IPSC shooter that you look forward to competing against?

A. The list is long and distinguished, I am particularly looking forward to competing against Eric Grauffel, Bob Vogel and Dave Sivingy. I have made many friends abroad in various divisions and always look forward to meeting up with them under competition environment.

Q. Are you utilizing the same equipment (gear) that you have used on the local South African circuit, or are you fielding new equipment for the IPSC World Shoot?

A. I have been a staunch Para Ordinance supporter for the past 19 years, but have recently acquired a custom built STI and will field my STI at the World Championship in France later this year. I will be utilizing my CR Speed rig but have upgraded to the new C Bax holster, that provides me with even more versatility.

Q. Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account that fellow shooters can follow when Team South Africa competes at the World Shoot?

A. Readers can follow me on Facebook, my page called Fabian Scott Practical shooting where I post video’s and discuss new and trending firearm equipment.


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