Sport Shooter Profile: Keith Rolls

Sport Shooter Profile:

Keith Rolls

Q. Do you have any sponsors for the IPSC World Shoot?

A. Yes, I am very fortunate to have Frontier Bullets onboard as my sponsor.

Q. In what Division are you competing in at the IPSC World Shoot?

A. I will be competing in the Standard Division with my STI Edge chambered .40 S&W.

Q. How did you qualify to receive an invitation to attend the 18th annual IPSC World Shoot?

A. The process involved aspects such as overall log placings, where a shooter’s Level 3 or higher scores are averaged for their best two out of three matches. All classes/ competitors must achieve 60% or higher when compared to the divisional winner, as well as achieving 85% or above in their category.

Q. What training regimen do you follow (physical and mental) in preparation to compete with the best IPSC shooters in the world?

A. I do not have any specific preparation plan at this moment, but I have made the conscious decision to treat every match (club or provincial) as if I am competing in the World Shoot.

Q. Is there a specific international IPSC shooter whom you look forward to competing against?

A. I would lie if would say there is only one person whom I look forward to competing against, but Eric Grauffel is top of the list for me.

Q. Are you utilising the same equipment (gear) that you have used on the local South African circuit, or are you fielding new equipment for the IPSC World Shoot?

A. I have elected to utilise the same shooting gear that I am currently deploying on the South African circuit. However, I I will be replacing the grip on my STI with an aluminium one.

Q. Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account that fellow shooters can follow when Team South Africa competes at the World Shoot?

A. Yes, my Facebook account is Keith Rolls. Shooters can also follow me on Instagram at Keith_Rolls, where I will post all my World Shoot updates


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