SA’s Sport Shooting future lies in young hands

SA’s Sport Shooting future lies in young hands

by Hamish Deal

What are some of the latest developments you can share with us?

Last year was my final year at Bastion Primary School, meaning I was under much pressure to do well at school with both my studies and my hockey. I was fortunate to have been selected to go to Durban on a hockey tour. In-between all of this, I had to fit in my shooting and get time on the range. Even though I had much fun shooting in 2016, it was a tough year for me, because I needed to do well at school and on the range, as I am very dedicated to all of my sports. I was very lucky and got a huge surprise when my father told me that Frontier Bullets had decided to sponsor me. I really enjoy shooting with their bullets, which are the only bullets I use.

I have dedicated status with NHSA now, as well as SAPF (South African Pistol Federation). I shot in 38 events last year and earned 67 points, even though I only need 20 points for dedicated status. Although I am satisfied with my results during the last year, as I came second in the Bronze Class in Carry Pistol as well as Pocket Gun, I would like to shoot better this year. In October 2016 I shot in the Western Province Championships for the second time, and was the only junior NPA shooter. In December, during the school holidays, I studied for my competency exams and as well as the law, handgun, shotgun, manual loading rifle and semi-automatic rifle competency, which I passed. This was necessary for me to have joint licences for my guns. This year, my father took my CZ75 to Bullet Central Africa where a custom competition rear-sight was fitted, and I have been practicing at Bellville Pistol Club. My shooting has improved a lot, and if I continue to shoot like this, I know I will be able to reach higher levels. I would really like to win my division, obtain WP colours, and make my club proud! This year is my first year at High School, and I have found it to be a very busy year thus far. I am proud to be a Stellie, and I hope Stellenberg High School will also support me in my shooting. I have entered the SAPF National Championship in April at the Bellville Pistol Club.

Thank you to everyone who continue to support me, including my father.

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