Sport Shooter Profile: Marie-Louise Vermeulen

Sport Shooter Profile: Marie-Louise Vermeulen

Name: Marie-Louise Vermeulen

Nickname: Biscuit

Age: 23 Years competing competitively:

3 Current club affiliations: Wild Clover Archery Club and Bellville Archery Club

Participating shooting sports: I compete in three archery formats, namely indoor and outdoor target archery and field archery.


Q. What type of bow do you currently compete with?

A. I compete with a recurve bow.

The components include:

1. Hoyt Nexus Riser (handle)

2. Universal Samick Extreme limbs

3. Shibuya Sight

4. Fast-flight bow string

5. Easton carbon one arrows

6. Fivics stabilisation system

Q. Do you require multiple bows to compete in SAARA competitions?

A. No, not all. I only have one bow that I compete with. The components that comprise my bow provide me with a professional Olympic-standard bow.

Q. Are you currently sponsored, and if so, by whom?

A. I do not have an official sponsor. I am, however, fortunate in having friends who contribute to my archery successes by helping me out with the necessary equipment. Hendrik Brummer sponsored my Hoyt riser earlier this year, and Terrance van Moerkerken sponsored my stabilisation system for my bow. Malcolm Todd has also contributed greatly to my equipment.

Q. How did you get introduced to the exciting world of archery?

A. When I was in Grade 5, our family went on a family vacation to England, where we visited Sherwood Forest, as well as the Robin Hood Museum. Part of the attractions at the museum was an entertainment section where visitors could shoot with a traditional bow and arrow. Up until then I had never handled a bow and arrow. I fired my first arrow, missing the bullseye narrowly. Well, thereafter I was hooked completely. My first archery lesson was in Grade 6, with Malcolm Todd, and my life as an archer progressed naturally from there.

Q. What advice do you have for fellow archers who want to better themselves in archery?

A. Every archer has their own shooting style. There are core principles that need to be followed when you start off, but if you are serious about the sport, you should read broadly, and try different techniques to find the one (or combination) that works best for you. Archery can be a very frustrating sport, so you should be extremely patient with yourself and listen to the advice of others. You should also have one official coach, and be willing to put in hours of practice to hone your skills.

Q. What advice do you have for someone who wants to participate in archery?

A. Find out where your closest archery club is, and speak to other archers. Believe me, you will be hooked before you know it, as the sport is all about having fun. 

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