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Vortex Viper VRD-6 

by Chris Blatherwick

A mundane handgun can be transformed into a DVC (Diligentia Vis Celeritas aka Accuracy, Power and Speed) fire-breathing handgun.

Smith & Wesson 22 Victory - Target Pistol

by Chris Blatherwick

Bulletproof target pistol for the beginner or professional

JETBeam 3M Prob (Retro Edition) by Chris Blatherwick

If you believe that a flashlight is a flashlight, you could not be more wrong. Modern LED lighting tools share only a few similarities with the old stamp-metal flashlights.

Strasser RS 05 Standard by Chris Blatherwick

Predictable, but revolutionary – custom Austrian rifle design for the South African hunter

ADC M5: Ready for the fight, are you?

by Chris Blatherwick

There is nothing ‘basic’ or ‘entry level’ about this optics-ready ‘giant killer’ sport-shooting rifle.

A new star on the horizon: VIXEN SERIES 8 1-6X24

by Chris Blatherwick

If you are a sport shooter or dangerous-game hunter and have never heard of Vixen Optic, then this article is especially for you! Vixen Optic has taken the sport-shooting world by storm with the release of its Series 8 1-6x24 illuminated ITR reticle. Camdix Firearms provided us with the Series 8 for testing and review

WOLVERINE: Quick deployment rig

by Chris Blatherwick

The Quick Deployment Rig (QDR) from Wolverine Quality Tactical Gear is not just another belt-and-holster combination. It is a multi-purpose carry system that can be used for competitive sport shooting, or as an everyday carry for security/close protection officers or responsible armed citizens.

FN FNS-9 Reviving the "Old War Horse"

by Chris Blatherwick

If you have completed your National Service or served in any branch of the South African military or police, the name Fabrique Nationale (FN) definitely has some bitter and sweet memories of basic training days involving some sort of rifle PT.

Smith & Wesson Model 686 International

by Chris Blatherwick

Limited in production, but not in performance

UZKON ZK18 Self loading shotgun

by Chris Blatherwick

From unknown to hero in less than four seconds