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The Hudson H9:  The striker-fired 9mm 1911 hybrid

by Matthew Moss

In November 2016, new firearm manufacturer Hudson from Texas in the US announced its first pistol. The hype grew as Hudson teased the pistol’s attributes and appearance, without giving too much detail away. Hudson’s slick website was dominated by a clock that counted down until the unveiling in early January of the H9 pistol at the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

SA Tumbler

Perfecting the art of cleaning shell casings

by Chris Blatherwick

The Condor Outdoor Escape & Evade (E&E) bag

by Maxleigh Derman

For the past few years I have been looking for the perfect Every Day Carry/Escape & Evade (E&E) bag. I bought a few, and eventually gave them all to friends or colleagues.

Sauer 404 Stutzen Select:

Reinventing Tradition

German brand Sauer has unveiled its new 404 Stutzen Select, a revolutionary rifle with the traditional look of the historic Stutzen bolt-action but featuring the strength of the new Carbon Spine technology.

The Ubiquitous .22 Long Rifle Cartridge

by Eddy Pretorius

Fifty years ago, I acquired my first firearm, a Star Model F in .22 LR, from Kings Sports in Durban. My second, purchased from Kings for the princely sum of R50, was a Brno rifle, also in .22 LR. At that time, I knew precious little about firearms or ammunition. You could have written on your palm and forgotten all I had been taught in Police College. However, it was these two firearms that began my education in shooting and ballistics.



The multi-tool of the firearm community: MOSSBERG MVP SCOUT RIFLE

By Chris Blatherwick

As a firearm enthusiast, I thrive on new concepts and designs that throw caution to the wind. I love timeless iconic firearms born out of necessity. Enter Mossberg’s MVP Scout rifle, the epitome of the ‘never say die’ design.

AMAZING OPTIC from the Land of the Rising Sun  

by Chris Blatherwick

The Vixen Artes 5-30x56 is targeted squarely at the longrange precision shooting community, be it long-range hunters or sport shooters. We received the Artes from Camdix Firearms for long-term testing and review. This optic is of course being showcased on our 2017 Project Howa systematic rifle build, and we look forward to seeing how it performs throughout the year.

Speed Shooting Demon

by Chris Blatherwick

Every now and then a firearm upsets the proverbial apple cart, and forces other manufacturers to sit up and take notice. Enter the Mossberg 930 JM Pro, which we received from City Guns for testing and review. This ‘fire-breathing scattergun’ was designed with the input of sport-shooting legend Jerry Miculek. The philosophy behind the platform was simply a competition-orientated self-loading shotgun that can be shot fast, and which is reliable and cost effective.

STI Trubor .38 Super

by Chris Blatherwick

If you ask any firearm enthusiast to name three handguns to complete their ‘dream’ collection, ‘race gun’ and ‘STI’ pop up time and again. We received the STI TruBor chambered in .38 Super from Frontier Guns & Ammo for review. STI International, a dominant force in the global sport-shooting community, is synonymous with high-quality ‘works of art’ ready to decimate the competition, straight out of the box