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Hunting (38)

21 Jun

Advice from a professional hunter

by Thinus Steyn

The majority of hunters do not spend a lot of time hunting due to financial and time constraints. Therefore it makes sense to get the most out of the time actually spent in the bush. As I spend six to eight months of the year guiding hunters on a large private game reserve in the Southern Free State and Northern Cape, I can offer some advice on how to make your next hunting trip more enjoyable and less stressful.

21 Jun

Murphy's Luck

by Thinus Steyn

Dawn was still an hour away as I set off from home with the intent of procuring a wildebeest, black or blue, and a springbok for staff rations. Joining me was my year-old, wire-haired terrier bitch, which I am training as a tracking dog, while my wife trains her to be a lapdog. I also took along a Howa .300 win mag, binoculars, range finder, knife and GPS. My Star BM rode on my hip in an ancient holster but, as it is there virtually permanently, I did not really notice it.

20 Jun

Hunting Gear

June 2017/Edition 30

20 Jun

When Fortune Smiles

by Thinus Steyn

We were both breathing heavily from the steep climb, filling our lungs with crisp winter air as we crested the ridge. Before us lay a large grassy plateau, bisected by a shallow valley.

19 Jun

Dixie Deer Classic

by Thinus Steyn

South African hunting outfitters regularly attend hunting and outdoor shows in the United States. Most outfitters attend the larger, more popular shows. This year we decided to do it differently, and set up booths at some of the smaller shows, which is how I ended up at the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh, North Carolina in March.

15 Jun

Future in Diversity  

by Liesl Venter

Hunting is an experience. Delivering that experience requires passion, dedication, and heart. Qualities that Nico and Sonette Lerm, owners of Lasarus Game Farms, have in abundance.

03 May


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02 May

Hunting the Big 5

by Liesl Venter

Chris van der Westhuizen has loved hunting for as long as he can remember. Deciding to become a hunter for a living, however, was not a quick decision for this avid outdoorsman with a real passion for shooting. In 2012, Chris took the bull by the horns and established African Pride Hunting Safaris with his wife, Anne-Marie, a keen huntress herself. “I was established in a career in project management when I started thinking about the possibility of hunting full-time.

25 Apr

Stalking in the Southern Free State

by Thinus Steyn

There is a widely-held belief that the only way to hunt in the Southern Free State is from the back of a bakkie. This has merit in certain situations. However, I do believe that a hunter who only relies on this method deprives himself of a very rewarding experience.

21 Mar

The Standoff

by Thinus Steyn

My eyes were struggling to focus. I had been staring at the old wild olive tree for what felt like hours, looking through every gap, and examining every single branch. Several times I thought I saw him, an ear flicking, or the curl of a horn.