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14 Jun

Over the Counter:

Now there are no more excuses

Balancing time between work and family often allows little time for hobbies.

20 Mar

Over the Counter: The Departure Lounge

by Eddy Pretorius

Recently I met with an old friend who had come to me seeking advice on how to dispose of his collection of Mauser rifles, bespoke shotguns, and other firearms acquired over a lifetime of collecting. It was nice seeing him, but sad as well, as he is soon to be on dialysis for renal failure. Peter has accepted this with grace and serenity, like the Peter I have known for over 20 years.

13 Feb

Over the Counter by Eddy Pretorius

Planning and Practice

I am an old man who has been around the block a few times, with some scars to show for it. One thing life has taught me is that the only fair fight is in a ring with a weight division, rules, and a referree.  There is no such thing on the street.

25 Nov

Over the Counter

Survival of the fittest

What does ‘ survival’ mean? Is it eating bugs and lizards in the jungles, deserts and wastelands of the world? Or is it avoiding becoming a statistic in South Africa’s murder and robbery rate?

14 Sep


By Eddy Pretorius

Ins-and-Outs of applying for a firearm licence

There are several steps involved in acquiring a firearm licence

19 Jul

Over the counter by Eddy Pretorius

Characters and Loony Tunes

Twenty years in the trade, and I think I have met them all. It’s a wonder that I haven’t become a loony myself.

01 Jun

Over the Counter by Eddy Pretorius

Good Intentions

January was the month of New Year’s resolutions. I wonder how many gun owners made any of the below-mentioned promises on New Year’s Eve:  

10 May

Over the Counter:  Consider the Cs
Eddy does it by the alphabet

OVER THE COUNTER By Eddy Pretorius

While advising a client on a handgun choice for self-defence, it struck me that all the aspects to take into consideration begin with the letter ‘C’. 

29 Feb

Protect yourself

After 50 years of shooting, I no longer hear as well as I should. I find that if I am talking to a client with my head bent, as it would be if I were completing a document, I often have to ask them to repeat themselves. I am not alone when it comes to this impediment as I have spoken with many older shooters whose favourite phrase is, “say again”. We brought it all on ourselves by not protecting our hearing when we were younger....

05 Sep

Have you been in a conversation while somebody is explaining some firearm related topic and you don’t know what he is talking about? As firearm people it is often hard to admit that you have no clue what the gunsmith is talking about, and instead of asking, you just nod your head wisely.