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Terry's Tips

Terry's Tips (10)

20 Mar

Terry's Tips:  Rifle Stock or Chassis

One of the biggest choices in terms of outfitting your precision rifle is whether to equip it with a traditional stock or a chassis system. Both have their advantages, but which is a better option for you personally?

13 Feb

Terry's Tips:  The myth behind Silencers and Maintenance

by Terry Harrison

One hears of bullets emerging from the sides of silencers, and dirty silencers being blamed for this. There are stories of centre-fire silencers blocked with so much carbon that the silencer has become ineffective. This brings to mind a Sig Sauer test that I read a while ago where they fired 140 000 rounds through one of their suppressors. When the silencer was cut open, there was very little carbon build-up inside. This test is now gospel that one does not need to clean a centre-fire silencer, as it is basically self-cleaning.

25 Nov

Terry's Tips  Accuracy behind the rifle by Terry Harrison

As my sport requires me to be on the range twice a month, i often meet shooters with little knowledge of accurate shooting.

14 Sep

Terry's Tips

by Terry Harrison

Do Rifle Tuners work?

12 Jul

Terry's Tips by Terry Harrison

Let's do the twist

With so many new bullet designs on the shelves, one can become confused as to which bullet is best for your rifle. Buying the wrong bullet is also costly. One of the most important considerations is to know the twist rate of the barrel. Here is a quick and easy way to check this.

01 Jun

Terry's Tips: One reason for those flyers by Terry Harrison

10 May

Terry's Tips by Terry Harrison
Getting that quarter edge over your competitors
A simple way to keep those groups tight.

Make no mistake, competition shooting is becoming ever more competitive, rifles are being built with calibre’s that are inherently accurate, telescopes are improving and cartridge cases, and bullets are better than ever.

29 Feb

Velocity spreads of 25 fps with muzzle velocities of 3 000 to 3 500 fps produce enough vertical variation at 900 metres to make it impossible to compete successfully against today’s top level shooters....

28 Oct

This is an age old question and there are many different opinions on this topic. I have discussed the break in of new barrels with the world’s best bench rest shooters, gunsmiths and barrel makers.

05 Sep

Have you been in a conversation while somebody is explaining some firearm related topic and you don’t know what he is talking about? As firearm people it is often hard to admit that you have no clue what the gunsmith is talking about, and instead of asking, you just nod your head wisely.