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03 Mar

Be a Sheep or a Sheep Dog

by Alan Martheze

»» There are two types of people: Those who run away from burning buildings, and those who run towards them.

28 Nov

Be Fast and Precise by Jonathan Deal

Jonathan Deal interprets and contextualises the teachings of colonel Jeff cooper on Personal Defense from the viewpoint of the man-in-the-street.

22 Jul

Lock and Load: Ladies Here's how by Nikki Pretorius

Firearms for self-defence are no longer only common place in a man’s world. More and more women are making the decision to own a firearm for self-defence. The process of deciding on the right firearm and applying for a firearm licence can be a daunting one so let’s demystify that for you.

19 Jul

Unassailable Wisdom from a Combat Master by Jonathan Deal

Jonathan Deal interprets and contextualises the teachings of Colonel Jeff Cooper on self-defence from the viewpoint of the man in the street.

12 Jul

Everyday Carry by Alan Martheze

With previous articles, we went into detail about what should be next to your bed at night, or what should be worn on your belt. In this article, we are going to move our attention outwards somewhat, like moving through the layers of an onion, and talk a little about bags.

31 May

Keep it simple and stay alive by James Smart

My last article addressed the approach to training and what should be thought about and done, regardless of the discipline. In this article, we’ll focus on the kind of training, how to focus on street survival and any lurking pitfalls. It’s quite possible that the most critical moment of dealing with an attack is the moment of recognition. That is, the moment when you realise that you are being, or are about to be, attacked.

31 May

On a knife edge by Jan Wahl

Factors to take into consideration when purchasing a knife

This is the first in a regular monthly column on knives.  In this edition, we showcase  a selection of handmade  beauties from one of South Africa’s  many premier knife makers, Jan Wahl. We acknowledge information of ( a US based Knife reseller) in the drafting of this article.  

31 May

Meet the trainer

Meet the people who shape our new shooters

11 May

Get shooting by by Karl van Lith

Improving your ability to think and act under pressure - A physical fitness perspective.

23 Feb

Surviving a Terror Attack

I am sure that everyone who has a passing interest in current events is aware that on the 7th of January 2015 two brothers walked down a street in Paris, into the offices of a magazine and killed 12 people, wounding another 11. The two brothers armed with AK47’s which they obtained despite the fact that France has incredibly strict gun laws which require background checks as stringent as those used by the US Secret Service to vet White house employee’s.