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Kestrel Elite Weather  Meter with Applied Ballistics


A rugged Kestrel Weather Meter with "the science of accuracy" built in.  The Kestrel Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics combines accurate measurement of wind speed and air density with the full power of the Applied Ballistics solver to deliver elevation and windage solutions for shot well into the subsonic range of bullet flight.

At the frontier of gunsmithing

by Salomé Kotzé

Frontier Guns & Ammo situated in the town of Klerksdorp of the North West Province has 30 years’ experience in the gunsmith industry, thanks to gunsmith and gunmaker Sean Newman. Sean has worked at leading international manufacturers such as Dawson Precision of the US and Holland & Holland of the UK.

20 Mar

Gun owners can shape government policy by

Jonathan Deal discusses some issues and opportunities around gun ownership.

20 Mar

Latest on the Legal Front

by Damian Enslin

It was confirmed on 30 January 2017 that the Minister of Police has withdrawn the Draft Firearms Control Amendment Bill, 2015 to the Firearms Control Act, 60 of 2000. Readers may be aware that certain portions of the 2015 Bill were highly objectionable vis-à-vis ballistic sampling and micro dots being placed on firearms, as well as dedicated sports shooters being limited to two semi-automatic rifles or shotguns.

20 Mar

Terry's Tips:  Rifle Stock or Chassis

One of the biggest choices in terms of outfitting your precision rifle is whether to equip it with a traditional stock or a chassis system. Both have their advantages, but which is a better option for you personally?

20 Mar

Over the Counter: The Departure Lounge

by Eddy Pretorius

Recently I met with an old friend who had come to me seeking advice on how to dispose of his collection of Mauser rifles, bespoke shotguns, and other firearms acquired over a lifetime of collecting. It was nice seeing him, but sad as well, as he is soon to be on dialysis for renal failure. Peter has accepted this with grace and serenity, like the Peter I have known for over 20 years.