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by Liesl Venter

Expect the unexpected! That’s the message from Chris Blatherwick, match director for the Gun Africa Ladies’ TOP SHOT Event, set to take place on 5 August at the False Bay Sport Shooting Club at the Glencairn Quarry in the Peninsula.

Girls on Fire in the Mother City

by Aziza de Villiers

Last year December saw the Girls on Fire flame glow even brighter with not one, but two, cocktail events held in honour of the 16 Days of Activism campaign in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

STI Edge 40 S&W

by Chris Blatherwick

When you ask any sport shooter what platform has performed consistently at the top end of the handgun divisions for the last 20 years, time and again the answer is “the 1911, of course”. STI International has taken the iconic 1911 platform and made it even better with the 2011 design. The STI Edge has been the tip of the sword, so to speak, in its competitive handgun range for the past 15 years, and it is abundantly clear why. We received the magnificent STI Edge chambered in the ever popular .40 S&W from Frontier Guns & Ammo for testing and review.

Tactical Gear

Edition 29

Consider the C's

by Eddy Pretorius

While advising a client how choosing a handgun for self-defence and daily concealed carry, I noticed that all my points began with a ‘C’. Hence ‘Consider the Cs’ was born. What follows is really common sense (the first C). However, common sense is not really that common, now is it?

Local Mettle

by Raymond Campling

Snarling down the barrel of a gun, the fiendish-looking Falcon showstopper of a self-defence round is poised to provide maximum stopping power, and to immobilise threats in self-defence situations.