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13 Feb

Terry's Tips:  The myth behind Silencers and Maintenance

by Terry Harrison

One hears of bullets emerging from the sides of silencers, and dirty silencers being blamed for this. There are stories of centre-fire silencers blocked with so much carbon that the silencer has become ineffective. This brings to mind a Sig Sauer test that I read a while ago where they fired 140 000 rounds through one of their suppressors. When the silencer was cut open, there was very little carbon build-up inside. This test is now gospel that one does not need to clean a centre-fire silencer, as it is basically self-cleaning.

Over the Counter by Eddy Pretorius

Planning and Practice

I am an old man who has been around the block a few times, with some scars to show for it. One thing life has taught me is that the only fair fight is in a ring with a weight division, rules, and a referree.  There is no such thing on the street.

Consistency is the key to precision reloading

by Jonathan Deal

I am far from an expert-level rifle shooter, having only acquired my long-range rifle in late 2014. There is a vast body of data and advice that a new shooter has to make sense of. Spindrift, Coriolis Effect, true North, magnetic North, internal and external ballistics and many others.

Focus on:  A. Rosenthal a Shooter's Oasis

A. Rosenthal is commonly known as the ‘go to’ firearm retailer in the Western Cape.

Reloading Basics Part 3 

by Nico Roets

Here are the basic steps to follow to reload a cartridge, set up the equipment and the possible pitfalls while reloading. To recap on our procedure, there are four basic steps we need to follow:


Rigby’s leather sling and scope cover

Keep your rifle and scope protected in the field