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2020 IPSC World Shoot

by Liesl Venter

The Kraaifontein Sport Shooting Club (KSSC) is upping the ante after successfully hosting Round 1 of the South African Practical Shooting Association (SAPSA) Handgun (Level III) Nationals. The team is currently hard at work tendering for the 2020 IPSC World Shoot, aiming to bring the event to Cape Town for the first time.

Raising the bar

So much for congratulating myself on arriving an hour early on the VIP day of HuntEx 2017 at Gallagher Convention Centre on 27 April. I promptly got stuck in a major traffic jam leading to the main parking area. One could only imagine what the crowd was like on the following day, when the event opened officially to the public until 1 May.

Peregrine Gong Shoot 2017

by Raymond Campling

Gunshots cracking over the crisp morning Highveld air near Delmas marked the start of this year’s Peregrine Gong Shoot, which saw 22 competitors, including a world hunting rifle champion, vying to lift the coveted Peregrine trophy and put themselves in line to win a host of major prizes.

Reloading Basics: Part 5

by Nico Roets

Our second-last procedure is to fill the case with an adequate powder charge of the correct type. Place all your primed cases into a case tray. For this example, we will use the following recipe:

Maximising your duplex reticle

by Steven Lindemann

If you are thinking of pushing your rifle a little further on the range, see how far you can push that old duplex reticle in order to be able to shoot more accurately at greater distances.

Project Howa Part 3:

The trigger job

Gun Africa’s Project Howa is the proverbial David versus Goliath scenario, with everyone rooting for the underdog to outperform the big guns. When we started the transformation process of a stock standard Howa M-1500 into a precision tool, plenty of naysayers stated we are trying to achieve the impossible. My favourite comment: “Of all the firearms, why did you select a Howa?”