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Magazine Edition 21

Magazine Edition 21 (14)

Eastern Province Championships by Adrian Luppnow

Held at Port Elizabeth Rifle and Pistol Club (PERPC) on 10 October 2015 in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Saving Private Rhino

The southern white rhino was once one of conservation’s greatest stories of success. One hundred years ago the white rhino population had been reduced to only 50 due to the demand for rhino horn.

12 Dec

The recent HIGH Rate of Refusals by Damian Enslin

It is very clear that since at least May of 2015 there has been a severe backlog with the processing of new competency and licence applications at the Central Firearms Control Register (CFR).

Beside Protection by Alan Martheze

Although I’ve been planning and preparing for it in my mind for years, when that day finally came, I was completely unprepared.


Having looked at awareness and “how to see the problem coming” in the previous issue, it is opportune to look at possible responses and what to do when we recognise that we do indeed have a problem. In this scenario you need to imagine that you are under attack and have seen someone who you feel is behaving unusually. Perhaps you have even seen a pre-event indicator such as “target glancing” (looking at you, looking away to see if the coast is clear and looking back at you).

Ruger SR 22 Self Loading Rifle by Chris Blatherwick

We received a Ruger SR-22 rifle chambered in .22 Long Rifle for testing and review. When you hear the words Ruger .22 Long Rifle you cannot help but smile as you know you are going to have fun time shooting this legendary rifle design.