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Be a Sheep or a Sheep Dog

by Alan Martheze

»» There are two types of people: Those who run away from burning buildings, and those who run towards them.

Second Best by Alan Martheze

We have to look at other options for secondary (or back-up) weapons for immediate self-defence

Everyday Carry by Alan Martheze

With previous articles, we went into detail about what should be next to your bed at night, or what should be worn on your belt. In this article, we are going to move our attention outwards somewhat, like moving through the layers of an onion, and talk a little about bags.

Contractors, contractors everywhere by Alan Martheze

Spend enough time in a gunshop or on the range – in  fact, anywhere where there are  ‘guns and stuff’ – and it seems at every turn you meet someone who has been to Iraq. Spend enough time behind a counter in a gunshop, and you hear some amazing stories and some ridiculous yarns.

Beside Protection by Alan Martheze

Although I’ve been planning and preparing for it in my mind for years, when that day finally came, I was completely unprepared.

The debate around firearm ownership is one of global proportions. Every shooting in the USA makes it into the mainstream media, and anti-gun lobbies lose no time in tackling the firearm industry and gun owners in general. And if I were against guns that is exactly how I would play it. On August 4 2015, whilst visiting the family of murdered Johannesburg Metro Police Department officer, Simon Mabatamela, President Zuma fired a broadside against...