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STI Edge 40 S&W

by Chris Blatherwick

When you ask any sport shooter what platform has performed consistently at the top end of the handgun divisions for the last 20 years, time and again the answer is “the 1911, of course”. STI International has taken the iconic 1911 platform and made it even better with the 2011 design. The STI Edge has been the tip of the sword, so to speak, in its competitive handgun range for the past 15 years, and it is abundantly clear why. We received the magnificent STI Edge chambered in the ever popular .40 S&W from Frontier Guns & Ammo for testing and review.

Assembling the Beast

by Chris Blatherwick

This is the second in our six-part series about Project Howa, the systematic transformation of a stock standard Howa M-1500 Varminter into a precision rifle, without breaking the bank



The multi-tool of the firearm community: MOSSBERG MVP SCOUT RIFLE

By Chris Blatherwick

As a firearm enthusiast, I thrive on new concepts and designs that throw caution to the wind. I love timeless iconic firearms born out of necessity. Enter Mossberg’s MVP Scout rifle, the epitome of the ‘never say die’ design.

AMAZING OPTIC from the Land of the Rising Sun  

by Chris Blatherwick

The Vixen Artes 5-30x56 is targeted squarely at the longrange precision shooting community, be it long-range hunters or sport shooters. We received the Artes from Camdix Firearms for long-term testing and review. This optic is of course being showcased on our 2017 Project Howa systematic rifle build, and we look forward to seeing how it performs throughout the year.

Project Howa

by Chris Blatherwick


Readers ask me as to what bolt-action rifle to buy if on a limited budget, and what modifications I would affect, and why? This is always a difficult question, and my initial response is to ask: What is your intended use for the rifle, and what calibre do you have in mind?

Speed Shooting Demon

by Chris Blatherwick

Every now and then a firearm upsets the proverbial apple cart, and forces other manufacturers to sit up and take notice. Enter the Mossberg 930 JM Pro, which we received from City Guns for testing and review. This ‘fire-breathing scattergun’ was designed with the input of sport-shooting legend Jerry Miculek. The philosophy behind the platform was simply a competition-orientated self-loading shotgun that can be shot fast, and which is reliable and cost effective.

STI Trubor .38 Super

by Chris Blatherwick

If you ask any firearm enthusiast to name three handguns to complete their ‘dream’ collection, ‘race gun’ and ‘STI’ pop up time and again. We received the STI TruBor chambered in .38 Super from Frontier Guns & Ammo for review. STI International, a dominant force in the global sport-shooting community, is synonymous with high-quality ‘works of art’ ready to decimate the competition, straight out of the box

Vortex Viper VRD-6 

by Chris Blatherwick

A mundane handgun can be transformed into a DVC (Diligentia Vis Celeritas aka Accuracy, Power and Speed) fire-breathing handgun.

Smith & Wesson 22 Victory - Target Pistol

by Chris Blatherwick

Bulletproof target pistol for the beginner or professional