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Firearms Developed and Manufactured in Southern Africa

by Chas Lotter

Over two hundred local firearms are covered in this new reference guide. If your firearm is not in this book then it is either a completely unknown extremely scarce Southern African design or it was not designed and manufactured during the period after the Second World War in either South Africa or Rhodesia (as the country was called until 1980). The full story of these firearms and of the people who designed them has never before been told.

Eastern Province Championships by Adrian Luppnow

Held at Port Elizabeth Rifle and Pistol Club (PERPC) on 10 October 2015 in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Saving Private Rhino

The southern white rhino was once one of conservation’s greatest stories of success. One hundred years ago the white rhino population had been reduced to only 50 due to the demand for rhino horn.

The recent HIGH Rate of Refusals by Damian Enslin

It is very clear that since at least May of 2015 there has been a severe backlog with the processing of new competency and licence applications at the Central Firearms Control Register (CFR).

Beside Protection by Alan Martheze

Although I’ve been planning and preparing for it in my mind for years, when that day finally came, I was completely unprepared.

Ruger SR 22 Self Loading Rifle by Chris Blatherwick

We received a Ruger SR-22 rifle chambered in .22 Long Rifle for testing and review. When you hear the words Ruger .22 Long Rifle you cannot help but smile as you know you are going to have fun time shooting this legendary rifle design.

Wildversekering in jou boerdery deur Madelle van Schalkwyk

Jy is ’n wildsboer. Jou aankope is riskant. Vandag hoop jy om ‘n elandbul aan te skaf – nie iets wat jy sommer vir ’n appel en ei gaan optel nie – maar jy weet jou peperduur vooruitsig is kwesbaar vir siektes, klimaat en stresvolle vervoer. Hoe waarborg jy dat jou eland lewendig voet op jou plaas sit en lewendig gaan bly?

Tips to know when preparing venison by Kaptein Khaki

Through my dealings with hunters specifically biltong hunters and ranch owners I realise that game meat as a whole does not carry the same enthusiasm as table fair as good beef and lamb or mutton. The hunter normally makes biltong and perhaps keeps the back straps for grilling.

Fokus op Kaapjag deur Matt Relihan

Die Kaapse Jagters en Wildbewaringsvereniging wat algemeen bekend staan as Kaapjag, bestaan reeds sedert 1984. Danksy die harde werk van onselfsugtige jagters, is Kaapjag vandag ’n vereniging van keuse vir die amateur jagter in die Wes-Kaap.

My eerste bok. Deur Dewald Visser

Verlede maand se artikel in Gun Africa was oor my bruid se eerste bok. Wat ‘n wonderlike ervaring was dit nie vir haar om haar eerste bok, ‘n pragtige Waterbokbul, in die Vrystaat te kon jag nie. En die gebeurtenis het my toe laat terug verlang na my eerste bok.