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Don't leave your guns in the car: by Damian Enslin

Your guns must either be secured in a safe or carried with you every moment of the day. Damian explains why this is so important.

Dear Damian

On a recent journey with two friends to the Southern Cape for a shooting competition, we stopped at a filling station for fuel, to use the facilities and to get something to eat. After we were back on the road, my friend (let’s call him John) said: “You know, guys, we’ve all just broken the law.”

A family business

Dad and son joins forces to offer “No Bull” service at Savuti Arms in Brakpan, Gauteng

On a knife edge by Jan Wahl

Factors to take into consideration when purchasing a knife

This is the first in a regular monthly column on knives.  In this edition, we showcase  a selection of handmade  beauties from one of South Africa’s  many premier knife makers, Jan Wahl. We acknowledge information of ( a US based Knife reseller) in the drafting of this article.  

Gun Owners Get Organised

Jonathan Deal interviews GOSA founder Paul Oxley

I’ve met with the leadership of a number of the larger shooting associations and written to many more, essentially asking the same questions:

How green is your hunting?

By Abel Erasmus Jnr, Otterskloof Private Game Reserve

Hunting's contribution to conservation and the envorinment

The unfortunate and unethical hunting of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe during 2015 has definitely raised awareness of hunting in general. In the post-Cecil period, numerous documentaries and articles have surfaced exposing supposed ‘real hunting’ and ‘deplorable practices’ such as problem animal control and driven hunting to much acclaim by the general public.

SAGA celebrates 30 years

Gun Africa presents a snapshot of SAGA

The South African Gunowners' Association (SAGA) is a nonprofit, non-discriminatory organisation, the sole purpose of which is to represent the interests of all people who embrace the principles of safe and responsible ownership and usage of firearms for sport, recreation, hunting and self-defence.

SAGA is a watchdog that endeavours to safeguard the rights of the South African public by engaging government in discussion regarding firearm-related issues.

Karoo Showdown

Blood, sweat and gun smoke at Touwsriver

The first IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) shoot of 2016, happened on February 27th at Touwsrivier.

Perfect Practice

Three-times IDPA Africa Champion Ian van der Bank divulges how practice may actually not make you perfect

We have all heard the saying that ‘Practice makes perfect’. However, in order to understand the key to effective practice, we’re going to reject this maxim.

Meet the trainer

Meet the people who shape our new shooters

Colourful Shukokai by Brett Jacobs

Just below the noon gun battery in Cape Town is the colourful suburb of Bo Kaap, with its rich history of Malay culture. It is from this suburb that the Shukokai Sport Shooting Club originated.