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Fabian Scott

Sport Shooter Profile:  Kirsty Shovlin-Bohler

STI Edge 40 S&W

by Chris Blatherwick

When you ask any sport shooter what platform has performed consistently at the top end of the handgun divisions for the last 20 years, time and again the answer is “the 1911, of course”. STI International has taken the iconic 1911 platform and made it even better with the 2011 design. The STI Edge has been the tip of the sword, so to speak, in its competitive handgun range for the past 15 years, and it is abundantly clear why. We received the magnificent STI Edge chambered in the ever popular .40 S&W from Frontier Guns & Ammo for testing and review.

The Ubiquitous .22 Long Rifle Cartridge

by Eddy Pretorius

Fifty years ago, I acquired my first firearm, a Star Model F in .22 LR, from Kings Sports in Durban. My second, purchased from Kings for the princely sum of R50, was a Brno rifle, also in .22 LR. At that time, I knew precious little about firearms or ammunition. You could have written on your palm and forgotten all I had been taught in Police College. However, it was these two firearms that began my education in shooting and ballistics.

Consider the C's

by Eddy Pretorius

While advising a client how choosing a handgun for self-defence and daily concealed carry, I noticed that all my points began with a ‘C’. Hence ‘Consider the Cs’ was born. What follows is really common sense (the first C). However, common sense is not really that common, now is it?

Local Mettle

by Raymond Campling

Snarling down the barrel of a gun, the fiendish-looking Falcon showstopper of a self-defence round is poised to provide maximum stopping power, and to immobilise threats in self-defence situations.

Hunting the Big 5

by Liesl Venter

Chris van der Westhuizen has loved hunting for as long as he can remember. Deciding to become a hunter for a living, however, was not a quick decision for this avid outdoorsman with a real passion for shooting. In 2012, Chris took the bull by the horns and established African Pride Hunting Safaris with his wife, Anne-Marie, a keen huntress herself. “I was established in a career in project management when I started thinking about the possibility of hunting full-time.

Smooth adjustable aim

with Racken Rest

Kestrel Elite Weather  Meter with Applied Ballistics


A rugged Kestrel Weather Meter with "the science of accuracy" built in.  The Kestrel Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics combines accurate measurement of wind speed and air density with the full power of the Applied Ballistics solver to deliver elevation and windage solutions for shot well into the subsonic range of bullet flight.

The survival mindset

by Scott Fulton

Having owned a defensive handgun for just over a year, I knew I needed professional training, even though I had covered most of the bases in order to put up a good fight. The following is my experience of attending practical defensive training for the first time.