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Gun owners can shape government policy by

Jonathan Deal discusses some issues and opportunities around gun ownership.

Maidens and Dragons

by Jonathan Deal

A year-end function with a difference, was the instruction from Oakpics owner Fanus Oosthuizen. “We are tired of the proverbial Christmas lunch at a wine farm, where everyone chats to the person over the table, and then return to Cape Town stuffed with rich food and good wine.”

Be fast and precise

by Jonathan Deal

Jonathan Deal interprets and contextualises the teachings of Colonel Jeff Cooper on Personal Defence from the viewpoint of the man-in-the-street

SAGA brings global reach to South African Gunowners'

by Jonathan Deal

South African Gun Owners’ Association, established in 1985 to be the voice of South Africa’s law-abiding firearm owners, is a non-party political, independent, non-profit association

The Champions:  Need the Grunt

by Jonathan Deal

The dictionary definition of champion, among other things, is ‘a person who has defeated all opponents in a competition or series of competitions, so as to hold first place’.

Consistency is the key to precision reloading

by Jonathan Deal

I am far from an expert-level rifle shooter, having only acquired my long-range rifle in late 2014. There is a vast body of data and advice that a new shooter has to make sense of. Spindrift, Coriolis Effect, true North, magnetic North, internal and external ballistics and many others.

Be Fast and Precise by Jonathan Deal

Jonathan Deal interprets and contextualises the teachings of colonel Jeff cooper on Personal Defense from the viewpoint of the man-in-the-street.


by Jonathan Deal

Unexpected morning fog at the start of the Long Range Open Day at Gecko Rock, near Touwsrivier, Western Cape, provided an opportunity for old friends to swop shooting stories, and new shooters to cut their teeth on all manner of exciting ideas. A warm ‘kuier vuur,’ coffee and rusks helped to warm shooters while we waited, in windless conditions, for the fog to burn away.

AGGRESSIVENESS: Colonel Jeff Cooper's third Principle of Self-Defence

by Jonathan Deal

This is the second article in in which Jonathan Deal, from the viewpoint of the man-in- the-street, interprets and contextualises the teachings of Colonel Jeff Cooper on personal defence.

Developing the Repeatable Long Shot

by Jonathan Deal

Why would one want to shoot targets at over 1 000 m? United States founding father and third president Thomas Jefferson, wrote in 1785: “A strong body makes the mind strong.