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The Gun Africa 2017 Ladies’ TOP SHOT Event


by Liesl Venter

Expect the unexpected! That’s the message from Chris Blatherwick, match director for the Gun Africa Ladies’ TOP SHOT Event, set to take place on 5 August at the False Bay Sport Shooting Club at the Glencairn Quarry in the Peninsula.


Range officer Sulaiman Samaai addresses the lady shooters at the Gun Africa 2016 Champion lady Shoot-off on 6 August 2016.

Firstly, on behalf of the Western Cape Sport Shooting Federation, I extend our sincere gratitude to the Gun Africa team for organising such a fantastic event. Over and above that, I must also thank the Gun Africa editorial team for the fantastic and most informative topics, reports and picture portfolios of the varying shooting disciplines.

Sisters do it for themselves

by Bernard Allen

Gun Africa spoke to firearms testing guru Chris Blatherwick, match Director, about the gun africa 2016 Champion lady Shoot-off initiative on 6 august 2016 at the Spes bona facility in Touwsrivier.

Lock and Load: Ladies Here's how by Nikki Pretorius

Firearms for self-defence are no longer only common place in a man’s world. More and more women are making the decision to own a firearm for self-defence. The process of deciding on the right firearm and applying for a firearm licence can be a daunting one so let’s demystify that for you.

The Gun Africa 2016 Champion Lady Shoot-Off is taking place in the Western Cape the 6 August 2016