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Barrel Death Sentence: Pre-Hunting Season Rifle Checks

by Eduan Prince

Hunting season is upon us all, with the thought of sighting the great African Ghost looming at the back of our minds. However, before we can lust after the adrenaline rush, the smell of the African Sahara burning our throats, and the ominous African sun beating down on the back of our necks, we need to ensure our hardware, our tools of the trade, are set up and ready to echo the sound of eternal glory (and bragging rights).

Western Province Combat Rifle Champs

by Anthony Allen

Cape Town recently hosted the 40th annual Western Province Combat Rifle Championships at the Good Hope Shooting Range in Atlantis.

Swiss vs Navy: Bi-Annual Rifle Match

by Dierk Lüthi

Since the late 1900s there has been a friendly rivalry between the South African Navy Shooting Club and the Cape Town Swiss Rifle Club (SRC) in the form of a shooting match between the two clubs.

Terry's Tips  Accuracy behind the rifle by Terry Harrison

As my sport requires me to be on the range twice a month, i often meet shooters with little knowledge of accurate shooting.

The ABC of Rifle Twist and Bullet Spin by Alliwyn Oberholster  

It is a fact of life that almost every experienced gun owner will have suffered the effects of poor bullet stability.                                                                       

NAMIBIA HOSTS the 2016 Hunting Rifle World Championships

by Turner Wilkinson

Hunting rifle shooters from across the globe flocked to Namibia for the bi-annual Hunting Rifle World Championships in June. The venue for the 2016 event was Heja Lodge, a hunting farm, private reserve and events venue about 25 km from the capital Windhoek. Any country wishing to host the World Championships must first convince the international body that they can do si in the true spirit of hunting rifle shooting – and from that perspective, the choice of venue was excellent.

Terry's Tips

by Terry Harrison

Do Rifle Tuners work?

Ritter & Stark SX -1 Modular Tactical Rifle by Chris Blatherwick

We received the state of the art SX-1 Modular Tactical Rifle chambered in .308 Winchester from the Ritter & Stark stable for testing and review. The SX-1 is a marvel of engineering and is currently one of the world’s best modular long-range precision tactical rifles and is now available to the South African consumer.

Review: DM4 AR RIFLE

We received a new compact AR rifle for review from Diplopoint.

Diplopoint is known in the market for their ammo making skills and it was a bit of a surprise when I heard from Henry Wiggens that they would be manufacturing semi auto rifles as well. They were not manufacturing one or two models, but several.