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Sport Shooter Profile: Marie-Louise Vermeulen

Name: Marie-Louise Vermeulen

Nickname: Biscuit

Age: 23 Years competing competitively:

3 Current club affiliations: Wild Clover Archery Club and Bellville Archery Club

Participating shooting sports: I compete in three archery formats, namely indoor and outdoor target archery and field archery.

SA’s Sport Shooting future lies in young hands

by Hamish Deal

What are some of the latest developments you can share with us?

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Hein Dance

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Fabian Scott

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Sport Shooter Focus: Tristan Hopper

2015 Round 3 Junior Champion,
2016 Round 1 & 3 Production Champion,
2016 KZN Production Champion,
2016 Ranked as Number 1 Production shooter

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Nickname: Ninja

Age: 25

Sport Shooter Focus: Paul Henkel

Q: What firearms do you currently compete with?