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Stalking in the Southern Free State

by Thinus Steyn

There is a widely-held belief that the only way to hunt in the Southern Free State is from the back of a bakkie. This has merit in certain situations. However, I do believe that a hunter who only relies on this method deprives himself of a very rewarding experience.

The Standoff

Published in Hunting

The Standoff

by Thinus Steyn

My eyes were struggling to focus. I had been staring at the old wild olive tree for what felt like hours, looking through every gap, and examining every single branch. Several times I thought I saw him, an ear flicking, or the curl of a horn.

a Hunt from a PH's point of view by Thinus Steyn

Dawn was still two hours away as he started the diesel Landcruiser and left it idling throatily while he went back inside and set a kettle on the gas stove.

Die .303 en die vlakvark

deur Thinus Steyn

Die skaduwees was reeds besig om lank te word teen die tyd dat ek, versigtig soos ‘n meerkat wat sy gat verlaat, oor die wal van die droë sloot geloer het.

Hunting: from Anticipation to Rumination by Thinus Steyn

For most of us, the joys of hunting start long before the actual event. The more organised experience it as a gradual build-up to the actual departure to their hunting destination. The late sleepers often experience it as a sudden rush of activity, hectically looking for a knife or pair of boots minutes before departure.

Her first hunt by Thinus Steyn

Personally I was a little surprised when Madelein informed me she wanted to hunt. This was when she and her husband Rikus paid us a visit.  I was a little concerned about her shooting skills and knowledge of field craft as she was a city girl.

The early morning eland by Thinus Steyn

There was only a faint promise of dawn on the eastern horizon as I left home. We had received an order for two eland carcasses from a client in Bloemfontein, and I wanted to get at  least one before our staff arrived at work.