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Vortex Viper VRD-6 

by Chris Blatherwick

A mundane handgun can be transformed into a DVC (Diligentia Vis Celeritas aka Accuracy, Power and Speed) fire-breathing handgun.

Strasser RS 05 Standard by Chris Blatherwick

Predictable, but revolutionary – custom Austrian rifle design for the South African hunter

ADC M5: Ready for the fight, are you?

by Chris Blatherwick

There is nothing ‘basic’ or ‘entry level’ about this optics-ready ‘giant killer’ sport-shooting rifle.

A new star on the horizon: VIXEN SERIES 8 1-6X24

by Chris Blatherwick

If you are a sport shooter or dangerous-game hunter and have never heard of Vixen Optic, then this article is especially for you! Vixen Optic has taken the sport-shooting world by storm with the release of its Series 8 1-6x24 illuminated ITR reticle. Camdix Firearms provided us with the Series 8 for testing and review

FN FNS-9 Reviving the "Old War Horse"

by Chris Blatherwick

If you have completed your National Service or served in any branch of the South African military or police, the name Fabrique Nationale (FN) definitely has some bitter and sweet memories of basic training days involving some sort of rifle PT.

Smith & Wesson Model 686 International

by Chris Blatherwick

Limited in production, but not in performance

INFINITY: IPSC Standard gun .40 Smith & Wesson by Chris Blatherwick

The Sight Tracker does not hide its intentions. It is clear that the pistol is out to win matches. Infinity has taken the concept of firearm customisation to a completely new level. The modular patented lower frame and grip of the Sight Tracker were one of the biggest surprises. The unique frame design reduces the width significantly. The high-capacity double-stack pistol is slightly larger than a standard single-stack configuration, which means the thin frame allows the shooter to release the magazine easily. Its design, fit and finish are impeccable. The pistol looked fast and lethal, even when it was on the table with the slide locked back. One cannot help but notice that this is not a lightweight scandium frame pistol you are holding, but rather a carbon-steel monster with a one-track mind that dares you to go faster and faster.

CR Speed Shooting Rig by Chris Blatherwick

Setting the standard in the world of sport shooting

Hawke Frontier 30 SF 2.5-15x50 TMX by Chris Blatherwick

Hawke keeps a beady eye on local optics market

The VOERE X3 .338 Lapua Magnum by Meinardt Tydeman

VOERE Präzisionstechnik, GmbH, is a gunmaking company headquartered in the Austrian town of Kufstein that’s been active in the field of hunting and sporting rifles and shotguns for over sixty years. The X3 modular system, now implemented on the LBW-M2 and LBW-M3 production models, turns Voere’s signature tactical rifle into a true modular platform capable of satisfying the needs of all military and law enforcement professionals. ALL4SHOOTERS.COM