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The Zoli family history starts centuries ago and it is a history blend with the history of the Valtrompia region and the region’s gun making tradition in Italy. The Zoli forefathers were building locks back in 1490 and started building firearms not long after that. In 1850 Giovanni Zoli signed a flint lock pistol that is now in the private family collection. In the 50’s the company started making hammer sideby- side shotguns, Anson-type over and under shotguns, also Holland & Holland-type side by side shotguns.

Steyr Aug Semi Auto Rifle review by Chris Blatherwick and photo's by Marius v/d Westhuizen

The Steyr Mannlicher firearms company was established in 1864 and is well known within the firearms community as a very exclusive brand. The company has produced a very long list of firearms in several categories; bolt-action rifles, assault rifles, sub-machine guns and pistols.

27 Feb

Review: Steyr M9 A1 by Chris Blatherwick and photo's by Natasha Ladu

We received the Steyr L9 A1 9mm pistol for a review, and I must admit I was itching to take it to the range. The L is for long slide, longer than the M9 A1 model. I had seen the triangle front sight in the gun shop and read about it, but I dearly wanted to try it out myself. I am a 1911 man and my pistol has the standard post sights. I did not know what to expect of this 9mm, and sometimes this could be a good thing. It is so easy to start judging a firearm even before you tried it yourself. So it was with an open mind and no preconceived ideas that I set out for the shooting range.

Armalite Rifles by Jacques Olivier

Eugene Stoner’s AR-15 has become the longest-serving battle rifle in American history, and it is still going strong. To date, suggested replacements are little more than enhancements to a design that continues to dominate in precision-oriented “Across the Course” service rifle and speed-oriented 3-Gun competitions.

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