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16 Feb

Genade dood

deur Ge Jooste

Ek probeer elke jaar ’n elandbul en -koei skiet vir tafelvleis vir my familie vir die volgende jaar of so. My jag vir die twee bokke het hierdie jaar weer by ’n vriend se plaas op Speculatie, Limpopo plaasgevind. Die bokke word glad nie van ’n voertuig af geskiet nie, maar liewers te voet.

15 Feb

Barrel Death Sentence: Pre-Hunting Season Rifle Checks

by Eduan Prince

Hunting season is upon us all, with the thought of sighting the great African Ghost looming at the back of our minds. However, before we can lust after the adrenaline rush, the smell of the African Sahara burning our throats, and the ominous African sun beating down on the back of our necks, we need to ensure our hardware, our tools of the trade, are set up and ready to echo the sound of eternal glory (and bragging rights).

15 Feb

Hunting with the family

by Johann Hershensohn

Maiden shoot for daughter and wife on the same weekend.

15 Feb

Next-Generation Female Hunters

by Magda Naude

Female hunters are still the exception to the rule in South Africa. However, gender taboos are making room for a new generation of financially-independent, young, professional and career women who embrace a hunting and outdoor lifestyle.

14 Feb

Kaapjag Update

by Liesl Venter

What with dealing with the impact of the devastating drought, renewing firearm licences, and contending with changing game-meat regulations, 2017 promises to not have a single dull moment for hunters.