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14 Jun

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Now there are no more excuses

Balancing time between work and family often allows little time for hobbies.

Sauer 404 Stutzen Select:

Reinventing Tradition

German brand Sauer has unveiled its new 404 Stutzen Select, a revolutionary rifle with the traditional look of the historic Stutzen bolt-action but featuring the strength of the new Carbon Spine technology.

18 May

The Gun Africa 2017 Ladies’ TOP SHOT Event

12 May

Sport Shooter Profile: Marie-Louise Vermeulen

Name: Marie-Louise Vermeulen

Nickname: Biscuit

Age: 23 Years competing competitively:

3 Current club affiliations: Wild Clover Archery Club and Bellville Archery Club

Participating shooting sports: I compete in three archery formats, namely indoor and outdoor target archery and field archery.

12 May

Practice like you play

by Steven Lindemann

A young, passionate rugby player and coach once told me: “Steve, practice like you play.” In other words, how you practice is how you will perform in a match. I never realised how those four simple words would change the way I looked at training as an adult.