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11 May

Validity of green licences revisited

National Hunting and Shooting Association statement:

Various knowledgeable  persons in the legal profession have again confirmed that the verdict of Judge Bill Prinsloo in the SA  Hunters case (29 June 2009), was  specific in the fact that he ruled  that all firearm licences issued under  the 1969 Firearms and Ammunition  Act, were valid until such time as  the main case of SA Hunters has  been heard.

11 May

Get shooting by by Karl van Lith

Improving your ability to think and act under pressure - A physical fitness perspective.

10 May

The repeatable long shot

Xtreme Steel Challenge founder Arnold Rix tell his story

10 May

Blouwildebeesbul op sy eie deur Gerhard Coreejes

Gerhard Coreejes beskryf die onweerstaanbare oproep van die jag avontuur

10 May

Flying High with Peregrine

Local bullet manufacturer Peregrine is our first South African showcase

Peregrine Bullets produces  its well-known Bushmaster  (VRG3) and Plainsmaster  (VRG4) hunting bullets at its  Rietfontein, Pretoria factory.