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02 Dec

Sport Shooter Focus:  Ian van der Bank


Nickname: Ninja

Age: 25

02 Dec

WPPA Championship at Bellville 

by Allen Brook

Gruelling challenge for one-handed target shooters

02 Dec

Shooters skills tested 

by Ronel Barter

Golden City Shooting Club in Alberton hosted its third annual Xtreme on 8 and 9 October. The weekend turned out to be a huge success − "fun on top of fun", and very rewarding. You may wonder what qualifi ed it to be XTREME? In terms of round count it was the equivalent of shooting a National Championship (320 rounds) in just one day. The match consisted of eight stages, each requiring a minimum of 40 rounds to complete. You read correctly, eight stages of 40 rounds each!

02 Dec

Pin Shooting SA Nationals 2016

by Cas Cassim

Whoever decided to place a ten-pin bowling pin on a table as a target probably had no idea it would influence the sport to such an extent that Club, Provincial and National competitions are thriving in South Africa today.

02 Dec

Let your imagination run wild

by Ian van der Bank

Imagine standing in a desert type landscape, wind blowing from the south-west, and a tumbleweed rolling past. You turn and walk closer to the sheep auction you are attending. You are captivated by the bidding wars, when suddenly four armed attackers decide to relieve the auctioneers and their clients of their cash.