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13 Feb

Over the Counter by Eddy Pretorius

Planning and Practice

I am an old man who has been around the block a few times, with some scars to show for it. One thing life has taught me is that the only fair fight is in a ring with a weight division, rules, and a referree.  There is no such thing on the street.

02 Dec

Sport Shooter Focus:  Ian van der Bank


Nickname: Ninja

Age: 25

02 Dec

WPPA Championship at Bellville 

by Allen Brook

Gruelling challenge for one-handed target shooters

02 Dec

Shooters skills tested 

by Ronel Barter

Golden City Shooting Club in Alberton hosted its third annual Xtreme on 8 and 9 October. The weekend turned out to be a huge success − "fun on top of fun", and very rewarding. You may wonder what qualifi ed it to be XTREME? In terms of round count it was the equivalent of shooting a National Championship (320 rounds) in just one day. The match consisted of eight stages, each requiring a minimum of 40 rounds to complete. You read correctly, eight stages of 40 rounds each!

02 Dec

Pin Shooting SA Nationals 2016

by Cas Cassim

Whoever decided to place a ten-pin bowling pin on a table as a target probably had no idea it would influence the sport to such an extent that Club, Provincial and National competitions are thriving in South Africa today.